The W-H Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, offers wide and generous support to initiatives that can show “compelling approaches to the questions arising at the intersection of theology and the arts”. This may be through art that is willing to explore its relationship to truth, meaning, and other-worldliness, or through literature that displays a more than typical regard for the pure languages of artistic expression.

Down the ages, theologians and religiously-sensitive thinkers have used the arts metaphorically, as the example of the human spirit in action and as the proof of humanity’s need to commune with something that is beyond the reach of conventional language and knowledge. For their part, artists have not always been aware of these high realms in which they operate. The W-H Foundation seeks to make this connection and tap these insights for the 21st century.

The W-H Foundation is based in the United States and is international in scope and reach. By “The Arts”, it considers music, the fine arts, dance, and literature. It enlists artists at the highest level, those willing to push the boundaries of their discipline beyond the elite and traditional settings of the past.

The W-H Foundation specializes in developing creative solutions to the practical challenges of bringing this art to those with disabilities, and especially to younger students in special-needs schools for whom the limitless expressive possibilities of art could be empowering.