“We are proud to have selected American guitarist and composer R. D. King as the first artist we are working with. His original compositions bring to mind a natural soundscape of feelings and impressions. And the insistence of his rhythms grounds the listener, creating a stable place on which to be carried away.”

R.D. King is an award-winning composer and performer of instrumental acoustic guitar music. A captivating and energetic performer, King blends guitar pyrotechnics with cinematic and evocative sounds. He is a TEDx Cambridge performer, a JamPlay instructor, and the winner of the 2017 Canadian Guitar Festival’s International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition, winner of the 2018 Walnut Valley Festival NewSong Showcase (Instrumental Category), and a 2019 Finalist for the Walnut Valley Festival’s International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. Harnessing music’s productive power, King inspires listeners along the path toward empathy, love, and self-knowledge.

CONTINUA, a meditation on motion and stillness in time. Composed by R. D. King ©2023 and commissioned by the Wessel-Hollingworth Foundation.